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Parenting Tips

How to help your student be successful at Martinez Junior High School

Do you want to help your student be successful?


Here are 4 things you can do today:


  1. Get enough sleep! At least 9 hours per night, if you  are between the ages of 11 and 14, lights off by 10 pm

  • Sleep powers your brain and helps you learn and grow

  • No screen time at least one hour before bedtime

  • Put your phone and tablet to bed in another room (not your bedroom)

  • A bedtime routine that includes soft music and reading before bed will help you to relax and sleep well

2. Eat Healthy food! to fuel your body and brain

  • Breakfast is key to starting your day and learning off right

  • You need lean protein and whole grains at each meal and five servings of fruit and vegetables per day

  • Sugar causes people to crash and burn and is not a good breakfast choice

  • Students need 3 meals and 2 snacks per day

  • Martinez Junior High School Cafeteria serves healthy lunches and has a salad bar


3. Be active every day!

  • Being physically active every day helps your brain develop and makes you smarter

  • Participate in PE

  • Sign up for a Sport


4. Get your schoolwork done!

  • Come to school every day

  • Write down all your assignments in your planner

  • Create a time and place for your homework

  • Ask your teacher if you don’t understand

  • Teachers are available after school to help you

  • The computer Lab is open at 7:30 am every morning

  • The library is open at lunch and after school

  • Prioritize schoolwork over excessive sports and social activities

  • Read every day! Before bedtime is a great time to do this!