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MJHS Computer Lounge Schedule

1:1 Technology at MJHS

      Netbook          ipad

Educators in the MUSD realize that technology must be thoroughly integrated to prepare students for success in 21st century colleges and careers. As a result, access to technology is vital. All core classes at MJHS have sufficient devices (Netbooks) for each student to use one. In addition, there are a few select classrooms that have Ipads, and there is a mobile Ipad lab that teachers may check out. 

Students are discouraged from bringing their own devices, as they will not need them, and their safety becomes an administrative concern. 

Students are expected to take care with the devices they use in class. Careless or reckless treatment of a machine resulting in damage will be charged to students. 

MJHS and Social Media

         Twitter    Twitter logo
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     Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read "tweets", which are text messages limited to 140 characters. Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Users access Twitter through the website interface, SMS, or mobile device app.

     Tweets are publicly visible by default, but senders can restrict message delivery to just their followers. Users can tweet via the Twitter website, compatible external applications (such as for smartphones), or by short message service (SMS).

     Following MJHS Tweets- Users may subscribe to other users' tweets – this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers. Parents, teachers, and students can follow MJHS's twitter account at @MJHSBullpups. Those without a twitter account can also see posted MJHS tweets on the MJHS home page.


     Instagram is an online social network, much like Twitter, except that Instagram is built around pictures rather than text. Parents, students, and teachers who have downloaded the Instagram app to their smartphones or computers can follow MJHS' Instagram account at #bullpuppride. Those without an Instagram account can click on the Instagram link on the school web page to see the posted photos. 

10 Top Technology Time-Savers

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MJHS Technology Policy & Procedures

All parents and students should review the MJHS Technology Policy & Procedures in order to understand the expectations MUSD has in regard to student use and responsibilities when handling technology equipment and accessing a web browser and the internet at school or with MUSD issued  accounts, including the possibility of disciplinary consequences or loss of use of technology for irresponsible use of equipment and possible fines for damages incurred to MUSD property.

Tracking Assignments and Grades

Keeping Track of Assignments:

Most MJHS teachers maintain online calendars of assignments, so parents and students can easily track due dates. To find out what assignments are due, follow these steps: 

  1. Go the MJHS homepage.  
  2. Click on the Teacher Web Pages link at the top right of the page.
  3. Navigate to the correct department and teacher. 
  4. Click on the teacher's name. (Careful- clicking on the envelope icon will send an email to your teacher. You want to click on their name.) 
  5. At this point, you will be on the teacher's School Loop web page. Many teachers have a calendar on this page indicating assignments and due dates. If a teacher does not have a calendar on their School Loop page, they will have a prominent link to Haiku at the top right of their page. Please click on this Haiku link. The teacher's Haiku page will have upcoming assignments listed on it. If you cannot find homework posted on either the School Loop page or Haiku page, please email the teacher.  


Checking Grades:
Parents and students can check grades online. Grades displayed will indicate all assignments that teachers have entered into their grade books up to that point. To access the grade book:

  • Students should go to the Student ABI Login link on the school webpage. They will enter the user name and password that they use to log on to computers at school. 
  • Parents should go to the Parent Portal Login link on the school webpage. Parents' log on with the email address they submitted when first registering their son or daughter for MJHS (pre-Arena Registration), and the password they were given at this time. Parents can change the password if they would like. If a parent forgets their password, they may simply select the Forgot Password link found on the Parent Portal Login to have it sent to the email address with which they registered for the Parent Portal.
  • Once in ABI,  select 'Gradebook' from the pull-down 'Grades' tab, to find grades for the current school year. 

Understanding the Grades Found on ABI: 
A few things to know about the ABI grades you will find online:

  • ABI displays not only the grades from current courses, but also grades from courses that students have already completed in the current school year. Current courses are displayed at the top of the page and courses already completed are displayed at the bottom.
  • Click on a course to see grades on individual assignments.
  • When looking at individual assignments,  a red box indicates an assignment that has been graded, but not turned in by your child. Assignments with no grade listed, but also with no red box, have not been entered into the grade book yet; your son or daughter may, or may not, have completed these. P
  • lease note the 'term' column:  'Y' indicates a year-long course, 'F' and 'S' indicate fall and spring semester courses, and '1', '2', '3', and '4' indicate quarter long courses. 
  • To see grades over your child's entire time at MJHS, choose 'Transcript' instead of 'Gradebook' from the 'Grades' pull-down tab. 

MJHS online classroom management: School Loop and Powerschool 

School Loop 

Each MJHS teacher has a School Loop web page. This page is what might be called a 'jumping off point' for parents and students looking for information about a teacher's course. The School Loop page will have basic course information, and in some cases a few extras, such as a calendar with assignments, teacher office hours, classroom policies, etc. Most teacher's School Loop pages have links to a PowerSchool class for students, and for most teachers, PowerSchool is the best online resource for regular updates and assignments. To get to any teacher's School Loop page, follow this link or from the MJHS website homepage, click on the Teacher Pages link, choose the appropriate department, and then click on the teacher's name.

PowerSchool is a Learning Management System (LMS) used by the Martinez Unified School District. It allows teachers and students to access to the powerful web-based education applications that are utilized in increasing numbers and variety in classrooms. In its most basic functions, PowerSchool acts as a bulletin board, where teachers can inform students of assignments, provide hyperlinks to assignments, grades, and share other relevant information for their class. In it's more sophisticated functions, PowerSchool provides a place for teachers to post assignments, online resources, videos, for students to have online class discussions, and even for students to create their own wiki-pages (project based mini-websites) and digital portfolios.
Students receive instructions in each class about how to access teacher PowerSchool pages.  For parents to access their student's PowerSchool classes, parents should first go to a teacher's School Loop page (see above). Once there, parents can access PowerSchool in one of two ways: if a teacher PowerSchool page is set to 'public' and a link to the PowerSchool page is on the teacher's School Loop page, a parent can simply navigate to the page; if, instead, the teacher's PowerSchool page is set to private, parents must get login information from students and login under their student's MUSD account to enter and access the PowerSchool page. A link to PowerSchool can be found on the MJHS homepage or by following this PowerSchool link


MUSD Student Technology Appropriate Use


MUSD Technology Services Webpage

MUSD Technology Integration Plan



Students will:
● Use school technologies for school-related activities.
● Follow the same guidelines for respectful, responsible behavior online that they are 
expected to follow offline.
● Treat school resources carefully, and alert staff if there is any problem with their 
● Encourage positive, constructive discussion if allowed to use communicative or 
collaborative technologies.
● Alert a teacher or other staff member should any threatening, inappropriate, or harmful 
content (images, messages, posts) are seen online.
● Use school technologies at appropriate times, in approved places, for educational 
● Cite sources when using online sites and resources for research
● Recognize that use of school technologies is a privilege and treat it as such.
● Be cautious to protect the safety of themselves and others.
● Help to protect the security of school resources.



Students will not:
● Use school technologies in a way that could be personally or physically harmful.
● Attempt to find inappropriate images or content.
● Engage in cyberbullying, harassment, or disrespectful conduct toward others.
● Try to find ways to circumvent the school’s safety measures and filtering tools.
● Use school technologies to send spam or chain mail.
● Plagiarize content found online.
● Post personally-identifying information, about themselves or others.
● Agree to meet someone I meet online in real life.
● Use language online that would be unacceptable in the classroom.
● Use school technologies for illegal activities or to pursue information on such activities.
● Attempt to hack or access sites, servers, or content that isn’t intended for my use.

These are not intended to be exhaustive lists.

Students should exercise good judgment when using technologies.



Users will be financially accountable for any damage resulting from loss, negligence or misuse. 
While the costs of technology repair parts vary significantly over time.

Typical Costs of Repairs
● Keyboard replacement - $55
● Screen replacement - $125
● Replacement of Chromebook - $300

92 Teen Text Terms Decoded for Confused Parents

92 Teen Text Terms Decoded for Confused Parents

(from an online Time Magazine article by Jessica Citizen, May 3, 2012) )


  • 143 I love you 
  • 2DAY Today
  • 4EAE For ever and ever
  • ADN Any day now
  • AFAIK As far as I know
  • AFK Away from keyboard
  • ATM At the moment
  • B/C Because
  • B4 Before
  • BF / GF Boyfriend / Girlfriend
  • BFN Bye for now
  • BOL Be on later
  • BRB Be right back
  • BTW By the way
  • DM 
  • DWBH Don’t worry, be happy
  • F2F or FTF Face to face
  • FB Facebook
  • FF Follow Friday - is a recurring topic on Twitter. Each week, users post lists of people that they think others should follow using the #FF or #FollowFriday hashtag.)
  • FTL For the loss / For the lose
  • FTW For the win
  • FWB Friends with benefits
  • FWIW For what it’s worth
  • FYEO For your eyes only
  • FYI For your information
  • GLHF Good luck, have fun
  • GR8 Great
  • HAK Hugs and kisses
  • HAND Have a nice day
  • HT or H/T Hat tip or heard through (usually referencing news or an informative link)
  • HTH Hope this helps / Happy to help
  • IANAL I am not a lawyer
  • IDK I don’t know
  • IIRC If I remember correctly
  • IKR I know, right?
  • ILY / ILU I love you
  • IMHO In my honest opinion / In my humble opinion
  • IMO In my opinion
  • IRL In real life
  • IU2U It’s up to you
  • IYKWIM If you know what I mean
  • J/K Just kidding
  • J4F Just for fun
  • JIC Just in case
  • JSYK Just so you know
  • K or KK Okay
  • LMBO Laughing my butt off
  • LMK Let me know
  • LOL Laughing out loud
  • MM Music Monday. Another recurring Twitter topic. In this case, users post a song or two that will get your week off to a better start.
  • MSM Mainstream media
  • NAGI Not a good idea
  • NM Never mind
  • NMU Not much, you?
  • NP No problem or Now playing (as in “My MP3 stream is now playing LMFAO’s Party Rock.)
  • NSFW Not safe for work. If this is attached to a link, you’re strongly advised not to check it out while in the workplace or any other venue where inappropriate content would be, well, inappropriate.
  • NSFL Not safe for life. Usually a humorous disclaimer that something formerly innocent is going to be irreparably sullied if you click the link.
  • NTS Note to self
  • OH Overheard
  • OMG Oh my God
  • ORLY Oh, really?
  • PAW Parents are watching
  • PLS or PLZ Please
  • PPL People
  • PTB Please text back
  • QQ Crying. Rather than an abbreviation, this is an emoticon, a picture created in text. The tails of the capital Q form tears, while the circles are the eyes. Saying “QQ” aloud also can mimic the “boo hoo” of someone who’s upset. Usually used sarcastically or contemptuously.
  • RAK Random act of kindness
  • RL Real life
  • ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
  • RT Retweet . Similar to forwarding an email, Twitter lets you echo other people’s tweets for your own followers to read. In some cases, folks will ask for something they’ve said to be amplified by saying “Please RT” or “PLS RT.”
  • RUOK Are you okay? In Australia, #RUOK is a regularly trending topic, following a government initiative called RUOK Day , which raises awareness of mental health issues on social networking sites.
  • SMH Shaking my head
  • SRSLY Seriously
  • SSDD Same stuff, different day
  • SWAK Sealed with a kiss
  • SWYP So, what’s your problem?
  • TIA Thanks in advance
  • TIME Tears in my eyes
  • TMB Tweet me back
  • TMI Too much information
  • TMRW Tomorrow
  • TTYL Talk to you later
  • TY or TU Thank you
  • VSF Very sad face
  • WB Welcome back
  • WTH What the heck?
  • WTPA Where the party at?
  • WYCM Will you call me?
  • YGM You’ve got mail (to alert your texting partner that you’ve contacted them via that staid old email thing. That’s sooo 2001!)
  • YMMV Your mileage may vary
  • YW You’re welcome
  • ZOMG Oh my god (sarcastic)