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Room: B-201


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Don't have a computer? Need to print?

If you need to print, work online, or use a computer for school work, the library is open before school from 8:15-8:25 & after school from 2:37-3:15.  The computer lab is also open every day before school from 7:30-8:25!!


Click here to watch your teachers in their "Call Me Maybe" video. (Spring 2013)

Click here to watch your teachers tell you "What Does the Fox Say?" (Fall 2013)
Click here to watch our tribute video to Aaron (Spring 2013)


To watch a BrainPop video:

1. Click on the link
2. Log in:

Username= Musd_app
password= musd

Need to Change Your Password?

Need a new password?  Click here to go to access the form to change your password for school Gmail or Haiku.

Stephi Dellar


Welcome to Miss Dellar's sixth and seventh grade English classes!  Click on the BLUE links to the left for your class (ENGLISH6 or ENGLISH7) to find class calendars, homework, and information on upcoming projects and assignments.

Policies & Procedures:

Absent?  If a student is absent, they should come talk to me after school the day they return to get their make up work.  

Don't understand something we did in class today?  Be sure to ask for help.  You can come by after school or talk to me at the end of the period to set something up.

Forgot your homework?  Students are given two late passes per quarter to be used on any assignment they choose.  If students have no missing work, unused late passes can be turned in at the end of the quarter for enrichment points.  Students trying to turn in late work without a pass may not receive credit.

Need an extra copy?  Most teacher created assignments, projects, and book report directions are available via links on this web page.  If you can't access them, come by after school.

What's the homework?  We write in our planners every Monday for the week. Daily and weekly homework, and upcoming projects and assignments can also be found on this web page.  Click on the link above for your class to find this information.

Parent Communication Needs?  The best way to contact me is via email. Please check your student's planner or the link on this web page for your class to know homework.

Grades? Click here to check out your grades online 

Need Haiku?  Click here to get to the Haiku page.  Then, click on the blue box on the left to take you to your portal.

Missing Work but you're sure you did it?  Come in after school to check the "No Name/ Messy" box.  After school is the only time to check it.  If your paper is in there, put your name on it and turn it in to be entered.


General Strategies for Better Studying:

When you study, do not just read over your notes once or twice and say you studied.  Studying takes much more than this.

  1. Read over your notes over and over again for about an hour.
  2. Re-read the text book/ material being tested
  3. Have someone (a parent, sibling, friend) quiz you.  Go back and study the things you missed.  Get quizzed again.  Keep doing this over and over again until you know the material.
  4. Make flash cards for spelling & vocabulary quizzes.
  5. Tape record your notes.  Read your notes into a recorder.  Do this at least 10 times.  Then listen to it loop as you fall asleep at night.

General test preparation:   To do well on tests you must first learn the material,  and then review it before the test.  These are techniques to better understand your material:

  • Take good notes on class lectures and textbook material
  • Review your notes soon after learning the new material
  • Pay attention in class & ask for help when you don't understand

Most importantly -- Make a Study Plan!!!  Don’t wait until the night before to study.  You need to have experience with a new material 4-8 times before your brain commits it to memory. Practicing 10 minutes every night is better than studying the material 30 minutes the night before the test.

Click on the books to see the CCSS for English Language Arts.


Got Late Work?

Homework & Class Work Expectations:

If you have a LATE PASS, you can turn it in.  If not, late work may not be accepted without prior permission. (Review the Late Work Policy for exceptions and possible point deductions). Be sure to turn in all of your work on time and complete


Students with IEPs/504s should talk to me before or after school if they need extra time & help to complete assignments & tests.


Late Work and Passes:

Students will receive two passes each quarter. To earn full credit on a late assignment (in almost all cases), you will need to use one of your late passes.


** Late work will not be accepted during the last week of the quarter.  All late work must be submitted one week prior to the end of each quarter. **


Haiku Discussions:

Haiku Discussions will not be accepted late even with a late pass.  They need to be submitted by the due date with all posts completed. (The purpose of a discussion - even online - is to discuss. You are not doing that if you do not complete it on time).

What is Enrichment?

Each quarter, you will see an assignment entered as Enrichment.  For most students it will show as a zero.  Don't panic!  It is extra credit. If a student does not do it, it does not hurt their grade.  Enrichment can only help a grade.  I do not give a lot of enrichment, but as soon as the first student turns something in, it gets entered into the gradebook.  Students should complete their regular credit - if they do, they should not need extra credit/enrichment. Extra credit cannot be individualized for a student with a lower than desired grade.  Enrichment cannot be turned in late & you cannot use your late pass for it.  There is very little enrichment offered per quarter -- take it or leave it, but don't ask for it later.  

Upcoming Dates:

Wed. 8/14: 1st Day!

Tues. 8/27: Back to School Night-6pm

Fri. 8/30: Minimum Day/11:50 Dismissal

Mon. 9/2: Labor Day/NO SCHOOL

Tues. 9/24: Minimum Day/11:50 Dismissal

Mon. 11/11: Veterans' Day/NO SCHOOL

Mon.11/25-Fri.11/29: Thanksgiving Break

Fri. 12/20: Minimum Day/11:50 Dismissal

Mon.12/23-Mon.1/6: Winter Break

Mon. 1/20: MLK Day/NO SCHOOL

Tues. 1/21: NO SCHOOL

Fri.2/14-Mon.2/17: Presidents' Weekend/NO SCHOOL

Tues. 3/3: Minimum Day/11:50 Dismissal

Tues. 3/31: Minimum Day/11:50 Dismissal

Mon.4/6-Fri.4/10: Spring Break

Mon. 5/25: Memorial Day/NO SCHOOL

Thurs. 5/28: 8th grade Promotion-7pm

Fri. 5/29: LAST DAY!/11:50 Dismissal

Got Donations?

Clorox/Baby Wipes Needed!  If you can donate a container of Clorox sanitizing, baby wipes or Kleenex to our classroom, they would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

B201 could also use the following items if you are willing to make donations:

  • Clorox sanitizing wipes or baby wipes
  • glue sticks
  • individually wrapped pieces of candy (no gum)
  • computer/printer paper -- white and bright colors
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