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Meet Mr. Kirshen
Meet Mr. Kirshen
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Room # A210

(925) 335-5820 ext. 2160


Remind: Text "@mrkirshen" to 81010
Remind: Text @mrkirsh to (814) 240-1242
History Alive! The Ancient World Online Text

To access the online text book: Log in through your student gmail account.  Go to the apps/waffle and scroll down to TCI.


Students with IEPs & 504 Plans

If a student has a 504 plan or an IEP they may be eligible to retake tests and quizzes.  They may also be allowed extra time to complete assignments, projects, and notes.  Students with a 504 or an IEP should speak directly with Mr.Kirshen after school if they are interested in retaking any tests or quizzes.  Also come after school to receive extra time or extra help completing work.  See you at the end of the day after 6th Period.

Go MCST Otters!

World History 2019-2020

6th Grade World History Calendar

What do we learn about in History Class?


Welcome to Sixth Grade History with Mr. Kirshen.  

In the 6th grade students will learn about Anthropology, Mesopotamia, Israel, China,  India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

In the 7th grade students will study the Roman Empire, Islam, Africa, China, Japan, Medieval Europe, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Age of Exploration, the Early Americas (Maya, Aztec and Inca), the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment.

Continents & Oceans
Continents & Oceans
Class Information

History Homework Information:  Daily homework assignments are posted in the classroom.  All students write down the homework  into their student planners. Homework is also listed on the teacher web page calendar.   Students receive 2 homework passes at the beginning of each quarter.  Students may only receive full credit on a late homework assignment if they use a homework pass.  ALL late Work must be turned in one week prior to the end of the quarter.

History Materials: Composition book, student planner, pencils, non-permanent black pens, glue sticks, and a folder for history work.  Colored pencils, scissors and ruler would also be helpful. 

 Parent/Teacher Communication:

1.  Grades on homework, classwork, quizzes, and tests can be viewed at home on the internet using the Parent Portal.

2.  Student Planner:  Homework is written down at the beginning of each week for the entire week in the planner.

3. to send me an e-mail.  I will get back to you as soon as I can during the school week.  Any e-mails sent on Saturday or Sunday will be answered the following week.

4. Remind: Get updates for 6th Grade history. Text "@mrkirshen" to 81010.

History Tests

What should a student do to prepare for a history test?

Study the crossword, word search and the Quizlet on Powerschool.  For several weeks students have been learning about new places, completing projects and assignments, and taking lots of notes in the composition book.  Students will use all the info in their comp books to complete study guides.  If they can answer the review questions, they will do well on the test.   Students are provided with many questions prior to the test to help them study for the test.  Parents, relatives, and older siblings can ask your student the questions to help them prepare.  

If your student does not understand any of the questions, please have them see Mr. Kirshen after school to get help.

After each test students will complete the Test Corrections assignment.  They review their test on Powerschool and complete the corrections page given out in class.  The Test Corrections count as a test/quiz score and students will earn an A+ on the Test Corrections for completing them accurately and completely.  Students do not have an opportunity to redo the test or a quiz though except where noted above.

What we are studying NOW in 6th grade history....
What we are studying SOON in 6th grade history....
What we are studying SOON in 6th grade history...
What we are studying SOON in 6th grade history...


Student Login

Username:  _LastNameFirstName

6th Grade History Comp Book
6th Grade History Comp Book
Composition Book

For a Composition Book to be complete and ready for grading the following must be complete:

1.  All work and assignments must be finished.  If anything was stamped "Late/Incomplete" it needs to be cfinished.

2. All titles, dates, and page numbers need to be listed on the "Contents" page.

3.  All titles and dates on the top of each page must be written with a black pen.  Students can do this each day in class so that they do not have to outline the titles and dates later.

4.  The "Contents" title should be boxed, outlined, and colored.

5. Any completed comp books turned in early will earn a student EXTRA CREDIT.

Does your student need any help? Were they absent for any assignments?  See Mr. Kirshen after school.

Everybody Loves Extra Credit!

Generally extra credit is for those students who are completing all of the actual "credit."  Students who are completing all of their assignments and studying for quizzes and tests will not need extra credit.  Students who do turn in completed composition books early earn extra credit.