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WELCOME to 6th Grade History!

In Sixth Grade World History,  we study many exciting and interesting ancient places. . .we will progress from early hunters and gatherer societies to the first farmers and first civilizations in Mesopotamia,Israel, Egypt. India and China, . Our focus will be the early river civilizations and the year will complete with a study of the ancient civilizations in Greece and Rome.


Next year, in Seventh Grade History, you will focus on the Middle Ages and early "modern" times. It begins with the Fall of the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. You will learn about Islamic Empires, Africa in the Middle Ages, China in the Middle Ages, Ancient & Medieval Japan, Europe in the Middle Ages (Feudalism, Christianity Kingdoms and Crusades) the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Early Americas, The Age of Exploration and the Enlightenment. 

Make sure to keep on top of Notebooks!!

Notebooks are collected at the end of each unit. Student are to write the titles of each assignment they create into their "Contents" for each unit. For a detailed list of assignments for our current unit, see Haiku, "Notebooks" page, at any given time. This provides dates, point value and description of each assignment.


Monica Higgins


HOMEWORK: Check that students write in planner everyday; and provide a time and quiet place to complete it

CLASS CALENDAR:  The calendars on this page are very helpful for parents and students who might need help if they did not write in their planner, or if they are absent.
TOOLS: Check that backpack is neat & clutter free, have your student empty it our and repack it once a week, be careful throwing anything out. Replace supplies as needed, pencils get lost and gluesticks get depleted!

AERIES GRADE PORTAL: Ideally, view with student, at least every other week. Do not wait until the end of the grading period. If you have questions about missing assignments or grades, ask your student, before emailing teacher.
POWER SCHOOL LEARNING: While you are welcome to explore PSL, it might be confusing if you are not sitting in class, it is designed to for student and teacher use in class and for homework. Although this first page has a great deal of general information for the class.

Link for online textbook

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Username: First letter of first name, and entire last name (no spaces or capital letters) for example: Joe Smith would be: jsmith

Teacher email:

Password: Student created, students were directed to write this in their history notebook