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STUDENTS: Are you struggling in your classes and with assignments?

  • Ask for help: you can ask the teacher in the classroom, before or after school, and/or via email.  Teachers are available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 3:15 pm.

  • Go to Academic Success to get help and complete assignments.  Its open M, W, F during lunch AND W  after school until 3:15 pm, in the computer lab. 

  • If you are missing Math Assignments, go to Academic Success to complete missing assignments, get credit for them and get help.  Check with Ms. Patty if your other teachers accept late work in Academic Success.

  • Got to the computer lab before school to complete assignments. Its open every day Mondays-Fridays 7:30 am - 8:25 am.

  • Go to the library after school to complete assignments. Its open Mondays-Fridays until 3:15pm.

  • Meet with Ms. Patty, Academic School Counselor, for additional strategies.

  • Ask your parent to support you in completing your assignments. Ask for a tutor.

Meet Your Counselor

Counselors at Martinez Junior High School

Catherine Pfister, M.S.W., LCSW, PPSCCounselor  Catherine Pfister

925-335-5820 ext. 2051

Available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Hablo Espanol

Education:  Masters in Social Work and Pupil Personnel Services Credential, San Francisco State University

B.A., Psychology University of California, Santa Cruz


Patricia Acosta, M.A, PPSC      "Ms. Patty"                                                                                                            

925-335-5820 ext. 2052

Available M-F

Hablo Espanol

Education: Masters in Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services Credential, Brandman University

B.A Liberal Studies w/ emphasis on Early Childhood Development, CSU Hayward (East Bay)



Sarah Clugston - Registrar in Student Services    Ext. 2050

How do I make an appointment to see the counselor?

As a parent, you can call or email to make an appointment to see the counselor. Possible reasons for contacting the counselor include:

Behavior problems at home

Failing grades

Changes lending to personal struggles, i.e., divorce, move, personal tragedy, etc.

Struggles with a teacher

Anxiety or depression in your child


As a student, you may ask your teacher to come and meet with a counselor, or come in before/after school or at lunch. You may also email us and we'll respond shortly. There are many reasons you may need additional support, and no topic is off limits. Everything is confidential except for the limitations provided by law, for example 1. If you are a danger to yourself or someone else 2. Child abuse/neglect is suspected or 3. In cases with a court order. Confidentiality will be held in all other instances. If you have questions about this please do not hesitate to ask. 

Don't get upside down on your homework


Homework can become overwhelming for students. Click on the following link for tips on getting homework done. 

Homework Tips