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Counseling Resources

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a one stop website for all concerns related to the difficulties of the digital world. Some of the useful aspects of this site include:

  • Advice and guides on how to help your children safely use social media

  • Answers to common questions that relate specifically to students divided by age group

  • Ratings systems for level of appropriateness for popular video games, movies and shows

  • Videos on appropriate use of technology


The Bully Project

About the Bully Project:

"The BULLY Project is the social action campaign inspired by the award-winning film BULLY. We’ve sparked a national movement to stop bullying that is transforming kids’ lives and changing a culture of bullying into one of empathy and action.  The power of our work lies in the participation of individuals like you and the remarkable list of partners we’ve gathered who collectively work to create safe, caring, and respectful schools and communities. Our goal is to reach 10 million kids or more, causing a tipping point that ends bullying in America."


The movie itself (“Bully”, 2012) is a wonderful film for children or parents. Rent it or buy it from a wide variety of sources and watch it as a family! The website has a wide variety of resources that can be used to enhance the film or provide discussion after viewing.


This website includes:

  • Resources for students who have been exposed to bullying in any form

  • In the tools and resources tab, find information for parents, students, or educators!

  • Interactive videos about bullying prevention

  • Resources that are useful regardless of whether you have seen the movie or not


Erika’s Lighthouse

 What is it?

“We educate communities about teen depression,  eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness and empower teens to take charge of their mental health.”

Erika’s Lighthouse is a great resource for kids and parents alike. It focuses on demystifying depression in order to help communities work together to combat it. In particular, the parent handbook (link below to the full free text)on depression is easy to read and gives a ton of great information and ideas on how to help children.

Erika's Lighthouse- Parent Handbook

Empowering Parents

Empowering Parents is a wonderful resource for finding articles answering common questions surrounding teen/pre-teen issues that are free, easy to access and are incredibly helpful. In particular, the section on “expert articles” can be broken down specifically by age group and category. These articles focus on a wide variety of topics such as motivation, consequences/rewards, time management and drug usage. Also be sure to check out the “behavior charts” section!