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Counseling Home Page


The Martinez Junior High Counseling Program is privileged to have two counselors and one counseling intern on site to support students in achieving success in all aspects of their lives.  


Program services include individual and group counseling for academic and behavioral issues, crisis counseling, parent consultation, collaborative teacher/parent/counselor meetings, assistance with grade-level transitions from elementary to middle school and middle to high school, introduction to college and career pathways, and elective planning for future years.


The Counseling Office is located in Students Services, just to the left as you enter the main door.  


Referrals to counseling are typically made by teachers, parents/guardians, or administrators when a student presents with issues that may be impacting their ability to be academically successful.  When a referral is received, a counselor will meet with the student to assess the situation and determine a best course of action. This may involve additional individual sessions, group counseling, a parent/student meeting, a referral to an outside support service, or a CARE meeting where the parents, counselor, and teachers collaborate on support strategies. 


Students sometimes self-refer when they need to talk about academic concerns, peer issues, or emotional struggles.  Students can initially be seen without parental consent, but if ongoing counseling is recommended then parents/guardians will be contacted and a consent form will be sent home.


Parents/guardians may make an appointment with a counselor when they have concerns about their child's academic, behavioral, or emotional well-being. This provides an opportunity for counselors and parents/guardians to share information and collaborate on support strategies.


To access your counselor:

-Let our Registrar, Sarah Clugston, know that you'd like to see a counselor

-Email or call one of our counselors for an appointment

-Email for answers to quick questions


Sarah Clugston - Registrar in Student Service    Ext. 2050

Patricia Acosta - Academic Counselor              Ext. 2052 

Catherine Pfister - Behavior Counselor         Ext. 2051


FAX - 925-335-5829